Happy Fathers Day! — Amazing Father Giveaway

It takes a special person to be a father and those who do it deserve so much more than a single day. I know personally I’m blessed to have an amazing father myself and that my kids are equally blessed with amazingly loving father who would do anything for them. In honor of these special guys and all the other men, I know who step up and are real men in their children’s life, I have decided to give away a free 30-minute family session. To one lucky dad. Everyone knows a father who works hard and is an unbelievable person to their friends, family, co-workers, and everyone they come into contact with.

It is very easy to enter this contest, I have selected a panel of independent judges excluding myself to review entries for the contest. All you have to do is send a short message as to why you think the father you are nominating deserves it most. The deadline to enter will be June 29th and the winner will be announced June 30th.  Simply e-mail your entry to Father@FrazeledCreations.com by 10:00 pm June 29th.

*** Update***

We would like to take a moment to thank all the amazing entries we had for our Amazing Father Giveaway, and we can see that each and everyone of you are amazing to your families and children.  Because of the amazing stories I (Stephanie) personally read I have decided to send a little consolation prize to those who did not win the giveaway.   I thank you all for being amazing people in your children’s life and wish you the best in the future.  A special congratulations goes out to our winner Mr. Arthur Wallace Jr.