What to wear for your family photos!

As fall approaches on of the biggest questions I always receive is what should we wear for our photography session.  With our mini sessions approaching I thought it would be a great idea to share some great fashion looks and tips for fashioning the whole family:

1.  Wearing the same color shirts are not a great idea.  Everyone in all black, or white, or denim will not give your photos that individuality of each person.

2. If you need help coordinating what colors would look amazing together the best way to do this is by using a color wheel.  Colors that are on opposite sides of each other on the color wheel are a great way to add accents to your selection.  So for example you might pick a Violet Sweater and accent it with yellow shoes, jewelry, or a scarf.

3. Stay away from too many patterns and shirts with lots of graphics, having some contrasting patterns is great to make your photos pop but I typically recommend you using only one patterned look in your group.

4. Comfort is important, if it’s not something you would typically wear.  If you’re not a skirt dress kinda person don’t run out and by a dress for your photo shoot.   Your family photo should reflect you, you should really look like you!  Now if you are a yoga pants kinda girl like me….Try some cute leggings and a tunic maybe even paired with some boots! But most important be comfortable.

5. Now if you’re like me and want to coordinate things….no worries you can do that…look at the color scheme of your home.   Your pictures will typically be hung and if you’re coordinating with your home then they will look all that much better. If you use red as an accent color use red as your accent color in your photos.

Here are some examples of some great outfits I threw together this weekend just for you guys!  All of these items are from Kohl’s and were available online.

This first design I call Chick Fall –  It’s a nice blend of browns and denim giving that put together but casual look, perfect for fall photos.


Chic Fall

The next design I like to call Casual Fun – It’s a blend of patterned and casual.  Using patterns can be tricky so my tip for this is take everyone’s clothes and lay them down together…see if your feeling distracted by one outfit.


Red Accent – Casual Fun


The last look is one of my favorites because it uses a really bright accent.  I love the yellow, now keep in mind where you’re going to hang these photos if Yellow would be out of place then this look isn’t for you.


Nautical Adventure

I look forward to seeing your amazing FALL fashion!