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Another amazing session with Mr. Jayden!

Happy Friday, the topic of discussion for today is none other than the Jayden, an amazing and super fun kiddo from Jonesboro. If he looks familiar to you, it’s because I’ve photographed him before.

I was overjoyed when I got an email from Danyell saying she needed to book Jayden’s 4-year-old picture session. I seemed like just a few weeks ago we were taking his 3-year-old pictures! I was happy to know that they enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed them!


Jayden 4

“I booked another session because I was very pleased with his pictures from the last session, including the price,” says Danyell. I’m so honored!  Jayden is a fun guy, he loves the mall.  He asks to go almost every day, and his mom can get him to do just about anything if she says she will take him to the mall after.  As expected, Mom did a wonderful job preparing them for our session.  Jayden’s mother likes him to dress casual no matter the occasion.  At home before the session Mom allowed Jayden the opportunity to pick between a few different shirts which of his “Ninja Turtle” shirts, he would wear for is “action” photos.  This really makes the kids 

feel part of the experience, and that they are part of the entire process.   Mom also brought some things that Jayden plays with a lot like his Ninja Turtle Sword!

Jayden’s Mom offers this advice to parents getting ready to take their child to a photo shoot. “Let your child help pick out the outfit so it will be something that he or she likes, and they will not be mad.  Furthermore, let your child know how great they look in what they are wearing and bring something your child loves to play with.”  Because my last session with this family went so well, I knew it would not be any different this time around. And I was right! Check it out for yourself:


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